General questions

Rent Hero is an online web database software that helps rental property owners manage all their property and tenants rent collection in one place. Not only does it save time and space but also brings you convenience in the palm of your hands or at the comfort of your home. Rental property managers are usually faced with a hard time managing records and tracking rental payments. It takes a lot of paperwork to organize data and make sense out of it. With Rent Hero everything is done online quickly and easily. With Rent Hero you can easily list all your property like houses, rooms and business premises for rent. Whether you have them in different locations or not, it is very easy to manage all of them in a single interface. Rent hero automatically invoices all your tenants via SMS when you create or generate new invoices. You can also send a periodic SMS reminder to all tenants who have rent and utility balances. All this makes your work easier, you don't have to go through voluminous records to update details or track payments and make decisions. You can easily tell who has paid, who has not and who has balances from a single interface. We also give provision for billing utilities for your tenants, whether its water, electricity and any other charges you can bill your tenants and they will receive the invoices instantly.

We slice and dice payments data along multiple dimensions to give you insights into the performance of your business. Save time and resources by managing all your rental properties on Rent Hero Today. We offer very affordable rates on our platform,anybody can manage their rent collections on our system as long as you have rental properties, no limitations.

We provide a centralized e-wallet that aggregates all your funds in one place, making it easy to manage and add transparency.When tenants make rent payments online, all your funds are placed in your Rent Hero wallet. You can easily track and view transaction summaries anywhere and at any time. To add on that, you can withdraw your funds at any time to your MPESA mobile wallet or your bank account. Manage your rent collections directly, no need for middlemen or agents.You will have to provide all your tenants with your e-wallet ID so that they can make payments easily to your wallet.

We provide a dashboard for tenants to pay rent online using lipa na MPESA online technology.This allows your tenants to initiate C2B transactions by sending USSD - push requests to their mobile phones. This lets them make rent payment without needing to leave our application or remember payment procedures.This ensures maximum accuracy and security in payments.


If you are a registered landlord on our platform you can manage as many properties as you wish.There is no limitations,wether you have the properties in one or different locations,you can easily manage them.

Rent Hero Charges only 5% of all rental proceeds you receive our system.

Rent Hero is highly secure and safe to manage and collect rent for your rental properties.We work very hard to ensure that your information is safe and proptected from third parties.

Rent Hero gives you convinience at the palm of your hands or at the comfort of your home or office.Managing rent collections for your rental properties has never been easy.

Once you have listed your properties and assigned them tenants,it is very easy to generate invoices for them.This invoices are directly sent to their mobile phones via SMS.

All your tenants will make payments online,this will increase transparency and easier tracking of rent payments.

For a long time agents have been frustrating property owners when it comes to rent collections submssion and other petty tricks.Rent Hero is here to enable you manage your rent collections directly

We provide a centralized e-wallet that aggregates all your rent payments in one place.You can access it at any time,withdraw funds to your mobile MPESA wallet or your bank account.

While paying for your invoices you curently have the option to pay from your rent wallet or pay from your mobile MPESA wallet.

We are working hard to introduce other payment methods in future to give our clients more options.

As at now you can withdraw upto Ksh 60,000 from your rent wallet at a go and you are limited to 10 transactions in a day.

It is very easy to get started on Rent Hero.After creating your account and acquiring a rent wallet you are good to go

The first option you got is to hire us for your data entry.You will have to capture your property and tenant details in the system before getting started.We have highly proffessional data clerks who will ensure all your properties and tenants are captured into the system.

The second option is to do the data entry your self

  • The first thing you have to enter are the locations where all your properties are located
  • The next thing is to add the propeties or list them
  • The last thing is to assign tenants to those propeties you added.

After adding all the above you can now easily generate invoices for your tenants,and start receiving rent payments

Apart from property and rent collection management,Rent Hero also provides you with other services that include:

  1. Transfering/Sending cash from your rent wallet to another landlord's rent wallet.
  2. Buying airtime.You can easily buy airtime for any phone number from your rent wallet.
  3. Data entry.We have properly trained data clerks who can help you capture all the details about your properties and tenants into the system.This goes at a small fee depending on the number of properties you have.

Creating an account on Rent Hero is really simple.You simply hit

You will be taken to a login page where you will click sign up.

On the signup page provide the details required but the most important to take keen interest on is the Phone number and your ID number.This two go a long way in helping you have an easier time on our platform.

Provide an ID number that you were registred with on your landlord's side.This will enable you see your invoices and payments and also be able to make payments more easily.

The phone number you provide must be registered on MPESA since all payments at the moment are channeled through the same.

After creating and verifying your account,you can now login to your account dashboard to see your rent and utility invoices.

Before you make any payment you must have noted the Invoice ID and your landlord's Wallet ID.This will help you make payments for the right invoice and to your landlord's wallet directly.

On your dashboard you will find links on the navigation menu to pay rent or utilities and its very easy and simple to pay in less than a minute.