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Rent Hero is an all-round online property management software for automating billing, collections, payments, expense management, sales and real estate records management.

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Streamlined Real Estate

Rent Hero simplifies property management with automated solutions for billing, collections, payments, and more.

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Automated Real Estate

Rent Hero saves time and improves accuracy with automated property management software for billing and record-keeping.

Real Estate Agency

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with Rent Hero

Rent Hero empowers your real estate marketing efforts with its robust features. From lead generation to property listings, our platform provides the tools you need to showcase your properties effectively.

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About Us

We Got You Sorted!

Rent Hero is the ultimate online software solution designed for landlords and property managers. With Rent Hero, you can easily manage multiple properties, generate rent and utility invoices, collect payments online, and gain real-time visibility of all transactions.

Quick/Automated Invoicing

Easily generate rent invoices for your tenants. Our system also generates invoices automatically based on the set date of rent payment you set for each tenant.

Automated Reminders

Our system sends automated remiders to your tenants via SMS,email and WhatsApp to make rent payments based on their invoice due date. This ensures that they are in sync with their due payments on time.

Easy Payments Tracking

Tenants receive an invoice via SMS,email and WhatsApp with a payment link. When payments are made you can easily track all of them in one place.Payments can also be made directly to your bank account or Paybill/Till.

The Best Solution For

Landlords & Property Managers

At Rent Hero Kenya, we help landlords & property managers to automate services, create efficiency and speed up delivery.

  • Smart Billing-Bill clients in all your properties from a single platform.
  • Automated Receipts -send receipts via SMS,email and WhatsApp for every tenant payment.
  • Payments Integration-Integrate your Bank and Mpesa paybills/Tills for automatic reconciliation.
  • Ease of Access- Remote access to our portal via web and mobile phones.
  • Intelligent Analytics-Real time access to tenants, occupancy and collection reports.
  • All-Round Platform- Run all your property management operations end to end on a single platform.
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Buy a home

over 1 million+ homes for sale available on the website, we can match you with a house you will want to call home.

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Rent a home

over 1 million+ homes for sale available on the website, we can match you with a house you will want to call home.

Find A Home

Sell a home

over 1 million+ homes for sale available on the website, we can match you with a house you will want to call home.

Sell A Home

Simple pricing. Advanced features

  • Plan
  • Tenants
  • SMS/WhatsApp Credits
  • Reports
  • Price
  • Action
  • 301-500
  • 5,000
  • All
  • Ksh 9,000
  • + Sign Up
  • 501-1,000
  • 30,000
  • All
  • Ksh 15,000
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People Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

Rent Hero is a powerful bill management and rental payment online web application. We provide a secure payment platform with diverse mobile payment options and functionalities that enables landlords and tenants to receive, pay and keep track of rental and tenancy related transactions online.This means if you are a landlord or property manager you can use Rent Hero to manage your tenant details,properties,units,invoices, payments and communications in one place.

You need to have properties or rental houses you wan to manage online. There is no setup fees required. Rent Hero works on the basis of pay as you go model. This means you will only be charged for service transactions,like; SMS sent to your tenants,payment processing fee and withdrawal charge for payments made to your SPS wallet. In your account you will see a service wallet, top up this wallet for your account to run smoothly.If you have no balance in your service wallet,your tenats will not receive SMS for invoices and payment reminders. Also you cannot receive mpesa to bank/paybill/till payments and finally you cannot withdraw from your payments wallet.

Rent Hero is a secure platform that ensures your data is protected and you can receive payments securely. We have put in place industry standard safety mechanisms and we continue to improve them to ensure that you can always transact securely and can access our services smoothly without worries.

We provide your tenants with several mobile payment options including but not limited to; MPESA, Visa/Mastercard,Pay Pal When you create an account, you can link your bank, paybill or till number. This will give your tenants an option to send money directly into your linked bank account/Paybill number/Till number. This payments will be visible on your dashboard. When tenants receive invoice payment link, under lipa na MPESA there is an option for payment settlement method, your tenants should select merchant bank account/Paybill/Till. This will send the mpesa payment directly into your registered bank account/Paybill/Till.Normal payment processing fees will be applied. Any other payment made apart from directly to your bank account/Paybill/Till will be settled in your payments wallet where you can withdraw at any time to MPESA. You can link as many banks/paybills and till numbers as possible on our platform. You can assign this to your properties for tanants to receive invoices and make payments to your specified channels. This gives you instant access to your funds in your channels but you have visibility of transactions on our platform.

We do offer free support for the first 3 months for all our new customers. During this period we shall be actively involved in assisting you with account tasks such as adding your tenant details,properties,units etc. We shall also offer free training on how to use the system.

You can reach us out via whatsapp/phone: +254765344101 or email

Client,s Testimonials

See What Our Client,s
Say About Us

Jacob Otieno

“Keeping track of my rent payments and timely reminders to pay pending invoices is the best thing i've experienced on rent hero.My life just got better as a tenant”

Mary Chebet

“I never imagined i could ever easily pay for my rent without long queues at the bank to deposit cash.I can now pay from anywhere and view my payment receipts and history instantly.”

Adam Kalundu

“Ever since i started using rent hero,my business has been improving significantly,no more brushing shoulders with tenants and walking door to door to demand for rent.I simply send SMS reminders from anywhere and they get them instantly”

James Mwangi

“Managing properties,tenants and rent collection has never been this easy.Rent hero is a powerful software that i would recommend to any property owner or manager out there.It is worth my time and cash.Convinience comes with cost and i love it.”

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