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Rent Hero is a powerful bill management and rental payment online web application. We provide a secure payment platform with diverse mobile payment options and functionalities that enables landlords and tenants to receive, pay and keep track of rental and tenancy related transactions online.Check out our amazing features.

Quick/Automated Invoicing

Easily generate rent invoices for your tenants. Our system also generates invoices automatically based on the set date of rent payment you set for each tenant.

Easy Payments Tracking

Tenants receive an invoice via SMS or email with a payment link. When payments are made you can easily track all of them in one place.Payments can also be made directly to your bank account or Paybill/Till.

Online Payments

Your tenants get to make all their payments online. Our secure and robust invoicing system makes it easy for tenants to pay you online using several mobile payment options.

Automated Reminders

Our system sends automated remiders to your tenants via SMS or email to make rent payments based on their invoice due date. This ensures that they are in sync with their due payments on time.


Get your properties for sale or rent listed on our marketplace and get clients and tenants from all over the country. Enjoy visibility to thousands of users online. It is easy and automated.

Insightful Reports

Get to see all the reports on rent payments and tenancy related records on our system. We present you with detailed reports to enable you plan ahead and make wise business decisions.

The simplest way to create and send rent invoices 🧾

Generally, every customer wants a product or service that solves their problem, worth their money, and is delivered with amazing customer service.

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We believe we have created the most efficient software with simplicity in mind to enable you easily manage your properties,tenants and rent collection in one place.

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Trusted by more than 100 businesses in Kenya.

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Get everything you'll ever need to manage your paperwork.

Supported Banks And Payment Options

On Rent Hero, you can link as many banks as possible to receive rent for all your properties. You can also be able to link your paybill or till numbers to receive payments directly.Your money is secure as it moves through the normal mobile money channels. We support over 40 banks and financial institutions and still growing. Enjoy a world of unlimited possibilities receiving rent payments on Rent Hero.